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3 common types of treatments for Lower Back Pain

There are a plenty of treatments available for treating lower back pain and it completely depends on the severity, cause and duration of pain. Any type of back pain whether it is lower back pain or any other type of back pain, it needs proper treatment and immediate medical attention. The treatment also varies from person to person and that’s the reason doctor will ask you about nature of your pain like how it feels, factors that aggravate the pain and accordingly would suggest the back pain treatment that suits you.

Back is type of pain where it aches in your back, which can cause because of twisting, lifting heavy weight or improper posture. Lower back pain is quite common in aged people or when you drive for a long period of time or don’t move for a long time for example while you work on computer or in any desk job. Low back pain isn’t a life-threatening problem, but still disturbs your day to day activities. Gradually people are getting aware about the low back pain and the rate of back injuries has decreased.

There are numerous preventive measures as well as improved treatments to treat pain in lower back. It ranges from medications, self care (at home) and medical management. You can also try making simple yet useful changes to the lifestyle while undergoing treatment as this helps a lot in recovering faster.

Self Care – At home in initial stages of lower back pain

If you are suffering from lower back pain, while sleeping try to keep pillow between your knees, while you lie on one side. You can lie flat on your bed as well with your pillows under your knees. This will help increase comfort for your back and thus help in preventing further damage.

Taking rest for a longer period say above 2 days can make your condition worse.

Exercises for low back pain

These exercises comprise of hamstring stretch, shoulder shrug, back twist, pelvic tilt etc are quite helpful to promote movement, strengthen muscles and improve joint flexibility. It also reduces pain. Walking is again beneficial which can be done carefully and slowly. This is believed to be effective exercise in case of lower back pain. Exercise helps a lot to enable a person get back to regular day to day activities.

Hot therapy and cold therapy – you can try both hot and cold therapies as an alternative which should be tried only for 15 minutes. Hot therapy done using heating pad helps reducing inflammation, in case any inflammation exists. Ice pack helps carrying out cold therapy to reduce the pain in lower back as ice gives anesthetic effect.

Prolonged rest should be avoided in order to prevent muscle weakening and depression, which develops when you aren’t moving and negative thoughts enter your mind when you lying down in one position.

If your pain is chronic, it is better to speak to your doctor to get proper treatment.

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