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Acetaminophen-Knowing about the medicine

Acetaminophen is a fever reducer and well known pain reliever.

Acetaminophen is basically used to treat many pain ailments like backache, arthritis, muscle aches, headache, fevers and colds.

You should not use Acetaminophen if you have liver disease. There are many brands selling Acetaminophen and it also available in different forms. You should also avoid using Acetaminophen if you are allergic to the medicine. Do not use the medicine without discussing with your doctor if you are suffering from cirrhosis or if you consume 3 or more alcoholic beverages on a daily basis. In such cases, Acetaminophen is not recommended.

Acetaminophen is not meant for kids under the age of 2 years and you should consult the doctor. Acetaminophen is available for children in two different doses. Each concentration is available with oral syringe or dropper.  The dosing is not the same for two different concentrations. Using wrong device can lead to overdose of Acetaminophen in children. Do not try to mix or match dosing devices when using formulations of Acetaminophen for infants.

You should shake the liquid before you use it.  Try to read the instructions given on the label and follow them. The tablet is also available in chewable form and it should be chewed properly before swallowing it.

Remember, your hands should be dry when you are handling Acetaminophen broken tablet. Put the tablet on your tongue. It will start dissolving on its own. Do not try to swallow the whole tablet. Allow the tablet to dissolve on its own in your mouth without chewing the tablet.

Acetaminophen is highly addictive and as it is an OTP medication which is readily available and thus the addiction is quite common. The Acetaminophen addiction has also resulted in some suicides. Taking the medicine in excessive amounts can completely damage your liver permanently. Some people land up taking high doses of Acetaminophen to fall asleep and they die during sleep. Teenagers are at higher risk of Acetaminophen addiction. Acetaminophen can kill you and a lot of teenagers start relying on this medicine for getting rid of frustration, anxiety etc.

The Acetaminophen pill addiction can be very dangerous and can damage the vital organs of your body. Teenagers should be educated on the risk of taking Acetaminophen in high amounts. Overdosing of this medicine can lead to many permanent complications that some people are not aware of.

Before using Acetaminophen consult your doctor if you are using some other medications for sleeping disorders, cold, allergy etc., taking some other products together with Acetaminophen can result in a fatal overdose. Avoid drinking alcohol when using Acetaminophen to avoid serious side effects.

The medicine can be helpful if used under the supervision of your doctor. Acetaminophen is readily available, but that doesn’t mean that it should be taken without consulting your doctor. You don’t know the right dose that suits you and how the medication is going to work for you. So, let your doctor decide how the medicine should be taken and the right dose for you.

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