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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Treatment methods

Any illness also has different treatment options available and same goes with   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. CTS are basically caused due to nerve disorder, especially the middle order nerve present in your hand because of work strain. This condition is common in people who work more than 14 hours in repititive action like typing jobs, which can be on manual typewriters or computer keyboards too.

Some common treatments available to treat   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are

Conventional treatment for   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Physical therapy- In this therapy exercise programs related to strengthen of wrist and hands are monitored by physical therapists. A lot of patients opting for this therapy got benefitted from physical therapy and they recommended this therapy to other patients too.

Laser Therapy- laser light of low energy is penetrated into the skin which stimulates the cell activity in injured areas. There is no cut given for light penetration.

Ultrasound- this procedure is quite safe wherein the wrists are attacked using sound waves.

NSAIDs – these drugs are useful in decreasing swelling in median nerve which automatically reduces the pain that occurs in hand, thumb and fingers. Still many patients often complain of side effects like stomach ulcers, upset stomach and nausea.

Surgical Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Endoscopy- includes a technique which is single portal (small incision made at your wrist) or two portals (two incisions made at palm and wrist)

Open Release (Surgery) – an incision of two inch is made in your palm and carpal ligament is freed from median nerve in order to release the pressure and in turn the pain.

Mini open release (surgery) – 1/1/2 inch incision made on the palm and the pressure present on median nerve is released, which helps reduce numbness and pain.

Splints or wrist braces are helpful to keep carpal tunnel in neutral position or widest diameter. This helps keep median nerve less compressed. Wearing a splint or wrist brace during night or when engaged in strenuous activities is recommended as a part of treatment for   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Another treatment is ingestion of herbal supplements for example neurophine. These supplements help decreasing the ill effects of related deficiencies that accelerates the   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms. Neurophine helps strengthen the weakest parts of the body. They also relieve inflammation and enhance your immune system. As we know if your body is healthy, it recovers faster. Help the body perform the healing process naturally on its own rather than interfering with the natural process of the body.

It is better to avoid conventional treatment methods if you think your condition is not so severe and can be corrected through alternative and natural treatment as all conventional medicines comes with its side effects and makes your body dependent on chemicals. The chemicals entering your body are harmful and lead to harmful side effects. Other diseases attack your body when your body becomes weak.

Try to adopt natural methods and in severe cases if you need surgery speak to the health care provider for better suggestions.

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