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Causes and Remedies for Lower back pain

Lower back pain is a universal problem; almost every person in his or her life has faced lower back pain once. This problem can affect people from any age group. The teenagers have also complained about lower back pain, people over the age of 30 say that they get frequent lower back problems and people over the age of 45 say that this has become a chronic problem for them. Moreover people beyond 30 years of age also face frequent back pain problems. Lower back pain starts from the area of the lower rib and your hips. Such pain has a difference in the degree of in intensity; it might be mild and at times very intense. Most of the time back pain subsides on its own, but if it doesn’t then proper treatment must be done.


The causes of lower back pain are many, let us see the most important and common ones:

  • Your work is one of the most important culprits of back pain, your job might include pulling or lifting something heavy for regular hours and this results in back pain. Sitting in your chair for long hours can also aggravate this problem.
  • Teenagers also suffer from back pain due to their heavy school bags or college bags which have so much of heavy stuff for their studies.
  • Your workout regime can also create problems related to your back. If you are overdoing it or even when you are doing it in the wrong way, back pain will occur.


Now we will take you through the symptoms of back pain, sometimes back pain might happen due to muscular strains and the pain will go away automatically but if it doesn’t then the reason might be a bigger one:

  • The symptoms of back pain might be the regular dull ache or even very piercing one. If you had an injury while playing that might result from acute back pain.
  • Loss of bladder control or bowl movement, fever, leg weakness, pain while urinating are certain symptoms which require immediate attention.
  • If the pain does not subside in three months, then it can be concluded as a chronic back pain.

One should consider lower back pain treatment either through exercises like yoga or through medications, and if it is very much serious, even a surgery is recommended.


These are certain simple home remedies which you should do at the earlier stages of your back pain, if the pain goes away with these then it should be fine:

  • Use ice packs or heating pads as an external massage applicator at the affected area.
  • Taking the bath with hot water is also found to be useful.
  • Take the good amount of bed rest on a flat surface.
  • You can also do some simple stretching and yoga for the pain.
  • Massage or physiotherapy is also a good remedy to get rid from chronic back pain.

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