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Get relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Chiropractic Care

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which is known as CTS is quite common condition these days, particularly in people more than 50 years. Statistics shows that women are often diagnosed as compared to men with ratio of 3:1. It is also identified that just 10% of the reported cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are young than 30 years. It happens in around 3% of men and about 11 % of women in their lives. This seems to be quite prevalent in the manual workers, comprising computer programmers, gardeners, assembly line workers, golfers and this list can go on. It is most common work injuries that are reported by health professions.

Causes of CTS

Any condition which causes enhanced pressure on median nerve at Carpal Tunnel may be included in disparity diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. A huge percentage of the people suffering from CTS are found to be about unknown cause for such symptoms. Few people may be hereditarily predisposed to such condition. Arthritis, Diabetes, hypothyroidism and other direct injury are also common conditions which might lead to CTS.

Symptoms of CTS

The symptoms of Carpal tunnel syndrome range from the mild discomfort and sensations to high level of pain, feebleness and parasthesia which is abnormal sensations like burning, pins and needles. Such symptoms gradually worsen over patients that are diagnosed with CTS as they experience numbness, tingling in their fingers and thumb and also burning sensations which get affected by median nerve. People also experience extreme pain in their wrists or in their hands and few people might even lose strength of gripping. Pain might even develop in shoulders and arms and swelling in their hand. The pain might also be worse during night to various sleeping positions. Parasthesia and Numbness in dermatome of median nerve and myotomes that are areas of muscle and skin of nerve supplier are common neurological symptoms of CTS. Weakness and shrivel of hand and wrist muscles might happen if condition stays to be untreated.

Chiropractic Approach

By suitable Chiropractic Approach you can get relief from CTS. Modern procedures and techniques have shown that Chiropractic may be highly effective to reduce the symptoms of CTS and enhance the overall functioning. The methods used by many chiropractors to treat CTS are mobilisation and adjustments of wrist, spine and their elbow. Safe, gentle as well as effective adjustments with combination of preventive measures may assist to decrease numbness; pain and burning that go with CTS. Treatment of Chiropractic may even help to strengthen and enhance the functionality of involved areas. This might also decrease the possibility of problem coming again. How frequent the person should get adjusted will depend not just on the individual history and test results, but even the repetitive the stress that gets add up to original injury.

If you are also suffering from CTS, or if you have struggled hard to get relief from the current approach, you should better consult your Chiropractor that might really be helpful. They will also perform the complete consultation and history, complete physical examination including neurological, x-ray and orthopaedic.

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