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Get rid of Sinus pain and Headache Naturally

There are many factors that cause sinus headache. Symptoms of pain in sinus is accompanied by congestion due to common cold, allergies, pain around forehead and eyes, over teeth and sinus pain gets worse during morning hours or when you try to bend over. Though there are many pain relievers available to get rid of sinus pain, but natural pain relievers and treatments can help a lot without any side-effects.

Using natural methods can help in sinus pain as it reduces swelling, helps thinning mucus secretions thus improving sinus drainage and prove to be helpful. Let us have a look at some natural methods that act as helpful pain relievers to reduce sinus pain and headache.

  • Humidity can treat sinus pain

Dry and thick mucus present in your nose and in sinus passages forms crusts that tend to block sinus drainage and catch foreign particles and dust. Increasing humidity and letting more fluids enter your body can help thinning the mucus. Therefore, doctors suggest to intake a lot of fluids, avoiding cold and dry air, use a humidifier, take as many as steamy showers you can and consume cup of hot soup or tea.

  • Salt Water- Irrigation

Irrigate salt water as it is one of the best ways to cleanse sinuses and nose. This helps reduce the pain caused due to sinus. You can also use nasal spray, but rinse bottle for sinus, bulb syringe kit for irrigation, neti pot etc is recommended and is easily available in drugstores.

  • Alternate Cold and Hot Compresses

Lie down using a hot washcloth to keep it over your nose and eyes as it helps loosen secretions and nasal passages. You can try alternate cold and hot compresses to reduce sinus pressure and pain.

  • Spices to Diet can reduce Sinus pressure

Many people believe that spices like hot mustard and peppers helps opening nasal passages and thus help in relieving sinus pain. You can try eating spicy food only if you think you have taste for it to get some relief from sinus pain.

  • Humming can help

Some people found humming to be effective in reducing sinus pain. Humming clears your sinuses and prevents sinus infection. Humming helps in increasing airflow and bitric oxide in sinuses. Nitric oxide and airflow together prevent the sinusitis risk. In case you have allergies or common cold and you want to prevent sinus infection then start playing a happy tune and start humming.

  • Breathing Practices and exercises for relaxation

Deep breathing practice and relaxation exercises can be helpful in reducing sinus pain. This helps connecting your mind and body and works towards reducing sinus pain.

  • Avoid Using Instant Pain relievers

The most important thing that one needs to remember is to avoid decongestant nasal sprays that gives fast relief, but it can worse the nasal congestion and sinus pressure after a few days. Other things that you can do to avoid sinus pain are to avoid alcohol, as alcohol aggravates sinus congestion and pain. Clean your humidifier to avoid allergies caused due to fungus, avoid swimming etc.

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