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Herbal Remedies to treat chronic pain

Treating pain which is chronic in nature is a daunting task as there are number of factors that lead to chronic pain. This article will help you know about herbal remedies that can treat chronic pain naturally.

Vitamin D

Deficiency of vitamin D leads to a lot of chronic diseases. Studies say that people who are vitamin D deficient require more pain medication as compared to those who have normal vitamin D levels. You can get vitamin D not only through supplements but also exposing your body to the sun can give you vitamin D naturally and helps recovering from chronic pain


Magnesium acts as a powerful treatment for nerve pain as well as muscle pain. Magnesium helps balancing a brain chemical called as NMDA which is responsible in imparting pain via nervous system. Deficiency of magnesium is the major cause of pain so you can use magnesium supplements to improve the symptoms of pain.


Skullcap has been known to be effective for 200 years in treating pain, convulsions, nervous tension, and anxiety. Chinese skullcap is similar herb but slightly different and it is useful to treat headaches, inflammation, allergies, infections and even cancer. People suffering from chronic pain can use it as a powerful weapon to calm nerves and relieve pain.


It is the most powerful herb known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is helpful in treating gout, arthritis, sciatic, autoimmune diseases and other conditions related to inflammation. Ideally turmeric help suppress inflammation that leads to diseases and helps in recovering from pains that you are suffering from


It is a natural herb with a history of relieving pain. It is often used to promote sleep and relax the body. It also helps easing psychological stress, anxiety which in turn cause unbearable pain. Valerian also treats headaches, joint and muscle pain, depression and menstrual pain.

Devil’s claw

This is an African herb which is very effective in treating low back, arthritis, and hip and knee pain. Studies say that it can even relieve chronic pain within just 10 days of use without leaving any side effects.

It is a well known dietary supplement which is helpful in treating depression and osteoarthritis. It is a compound which is naturally found every cell of human body. It is known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits. It relives stiffness, ease pain, rebuild cartilage and reduce swelling in joints. SAM-e is helpful in treating pain in lower back, bursitis, fibromyalgia, and tendinitis.


Apart from psychoactive effects, the active ingredient present in cannabis is known for its pain relieving and analgesic properties. According to various studies, cannabis is also effective in easing neurological pain with leading to any serious side effects. Juice extracted from cannabis leaves (raw) is helpful in reversing illness and chronic pain.

Kava Kava

It is a natural herb which is very effective in easing nerves, reducing anxiety, subdue pain and relaxing muscles. It has got synergistic ability which promotes both physical and mental restfulness. It is also useful in relieving chronic pain.

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