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Knowing about Sinus Headache

Sinus headaches are common amongst people who suffer from Sinusitis as they are the headaches caused because of Sinusitis. As we are aware that there are different types of headaches and it is really important to identify the type of headache you are suffering from. Knowing the type of headache you can find an option to treat the headache effectively. Headaches are very common and can be caused as a result of different health conditions.

Sinus headaches occur due to congestion or jammed Sinus cavities, which in long run creates pressure on Paranasal Sinuses. Migraines are identified by light sensitivity that a person experiences and looking at light around things.

Some symptoms below can help you know what sinus headaches are like

  • Due to mucus drains during night a person might suffer from pain the next morning.
  • As you change between different ranges of temperatures, the intensity of headache can vary depending on temperature you experience.
  • Pain occurs in one specific area near the place which is affected.
  • Nasal passage tenderness
  • Rising temperature
  • Feeling weak
  • Post nasal dribble followed by sore throat


Sinus headaches usually start in the morning just after you wake up. It starts with a sensation of pressure on face and head and the pain might increase upon lying down or when you lean. As the Sinusitis become worse, the headache also gets worse. Sinus headaches caused due to Sinusitis are followed by cough, sore throat, mucous of yellow or green color including fatigue.

Sinus headaches are constant and dull whereas migraine headaches are throbbing followed by nausea. Sinusitis caused because of fungal infections, bacterial infections, immune deficiencies, allergies, structure problems in nasal cavity and sometimes even simple cold can be the cause.

People with weak immunity, asthma, allergies and other medical conditions that attack respiratory system are prone to suffer from Sinusitis and in turn Sinus headaches. But in some other conditions people who do not suffer from these conditions also suffer from sinusitis.

Most people avoid consulting their doctors in case of Sinus headaches until the problem disturbs their day to day lives.  If you suffer from pain or notice swelling in face, sore or stiff neck and fever higher than 100 degrees F and headaches get severe; do not forget to consult your doctor right away.

In most cases Sinus headaches are diagnosed simply by discussing your symptoms with your doctors whereas in other cases doctor may check your ears, nose and throat and in some cases doctor might advise MRI or CT scan. Sometimes testing mucus in nasal is required as part of diagnosis. For a proper sinus headache treatment you need a detailed diagnosis from health care provider. Just don’t assume that your sinus headache will go away on its own. So don’t ignore severe cold which can lead to sinusitis.

Some people don’t take cold seriously and severe and prolonged cold leads to sinusitis and in turn to sinus headaches.

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