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Learning about causes of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a disease and is a nerve disorder which is rare. Its symptoms start with intense pain that can arise in legs, hands, feet and hands. It happens when you come across a serious injury to the nerve or tissue of the area which is affected. The pain increases and often captures leg or arm. Some changes noticed in areas that get affected post the disorder is sudden changes in temperature and color of the skin. Other symptoms are burning pain which is very intense, skin sensitivity, sweating and swelling.

The theory written for the cause of this condition says it is because of triggering of our immune system, which causes inflammation in the area that is affected. Various symptoms of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome are

The affected area gets sensitive to touch

Change in texture of the skin

Painful and burning sensation in area which gets affected

Movement loss in affected area

Muscle weakness and pain

Change in color of the skin

Affected area gets sensitive o sometimes touch and sometimes to temperature.

Even if the disorder is not very common, the doctors are very much aware about this condition. The doctors diagnose based on the result of pain symptoms and physical examination. The above stated symptoms help doctor diagnose the problem correctly. The doctors also take other test like thermography, sweat test, tests for sympathetic nervous system. The disease can be diagnosed but there is not test that determines the disease Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Two types CRPS are

Type one CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) – this type of disorder is caused because of injuries of ankles which get sprained or fractured. The nerve damage in this case is minimal.

Type two Complex Regional Pain Syndrome- this type of disorder is caused due to serious injuries where the nerve damage is quite serious like a broken bone or infection. Though it is rare there is a solution to this condition and doctors suggest sympathetic block, which involves anesthesia injection that helps in obstructing signals. Counseling and physiotherapy also helps many times. If the disorder is detected in its early stages the pain can be prevented from recurring through relevant treatments.

The disease affects women that fall under the age of forty to sixty. During advance stages a mere touch on the part that is affected or exposure to change in temperature increases the pain which is unbearable. Some people get frequent attacks while some are lucky and the pain disappears completely after a couple of months. There are also some symptoms which are extreme and visible such as growth of hair and nail. The growth is at either abnormal speed or is very slow.

Some people also experience clammy hands due to excessive sweating. If you notice symptoms being mentioned above it is better to consult your doctor immediately in order to get timely treatment which can help you reduce pain and stop pain from recurring.

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