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Natural Headache Relievers for Fast Relief

Headaches are quite common and they are reasons behind occurrence of headaches. Some common causes are stress, unhealthy lifestyle and busy schedule. Well, sometimes the can be frequent or rare but when it occurs you become restless and simple tasks become challenging in day to day life.

People often rely on OTP pain killers that are often give you temporary but aren’t treating the root of headache. Natural remedies in this case are helpful and they are far better than just popping a pill. Natural relievers won’t any side effects or harm to your body as OTP pain killers do. The disadvantage of OTP painkillers is that you get addicted to the medication when consumed for a long term.

Let us look at some simple yet effective natural relievers that can help in getting rid of headaches.

Go nuts

Instead of just popping a pill for getting rid of headache, you can go for some almonds. For regular tension headaches, almonds prove to be best natural remedy and even a healthier option in comparison to other medicines. It acts as natural pain reliever as it has an element called salicin, which is an agent present in OTP medications as well. Try eating at least a handful of these nuts when you notice the ache starts.

Stretch, relax and start breathing

Our lives have become fast paced and busy with a lot of stress to meet the targets. Our mind gets overworked and our body reacts to this stress by tensing or knotting up our muscles especially in shoulder, upper back and neck. So to relax your muscles and live a pain free life you can try these tips


Yoga helps you mind to get focused, stretch out the muscles, and help you get going and drop tension. Once you drop tension, you also get to drop tension headaches. You can try some yoga moves when the pain starts and it really helps. Make yoga a part of your daily routine. Take some time out to do few yoga moves and you can easily prevent these headaches before they occur.


You must be thinking that you breathe the right way, but if your head pounds, you aren’t getting maximum amount of oxygen that you inhale. This means that we do shallow breathing and when you experience pain you still are doing shallow breathing. Make some effort to take deep breaths that start through your diaphragm and fill the lungs. This helps your body get maximum oxygen that flows in your blood and helps relaxing body and mind.

Get Moving

When you experience pain, doesn’t mean that you should not be moving, instead get up and start moving in fresh air as it helps loosen your tight muscles that headache. It will help you relax as well.

Exercising on a regular basis can also help prevent headaches. Routine exercise helps body to function normally and prevent ailments.

So these natural relievers can be of great help.

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