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Neuropathic pain in diabetic people

Neuropathic pain in diabetic people or diabetic neuropathies is series of nerve disorders caused due to diabetes. People suffering from diabetes after period of time develop damages in nerve all through their body. Some people face no symptoms even with nerve damage whereas others experience problems such as numbness, pain or tingling of legs, feet, arms, hands. Every organ in system like heart, sex organs, and digestive tract can get nerve problems.

Causes of diabetic neuropathies

  1.  The causes vary but the common cause is nerve damage that occurs due to exposure to high levels of blood glucose.
  2. Metabolic factors like prolonged diabetes, abnormal levels of blood fat, low insulin levels, high levels of blood glucose
  3. Neurovascular factors like blood vessel damage and blood vessels carry nutrients and oxygen to our nerves
  4. Autoimmune factors lead to inflammation in our nerves
  5. Mechanical injury to our nerves like carpal tunnel syndrome
  6. Lifestyle factors like alcohol use and smoking
  7. Inherited traits which increase the chances of nerve damage

Symptoms – Diabetic neuropathies

Symptoms solely depend on the nerves that are affected and type of neuropathy and other symptoms are

  • Indigestion, vomiting and nausea
  • Urinating problems
  • Faintness or dizziness due to low blood pressure after sitting or standing up
  • Wasting hand, feet muscles
  • Numbness, pain or tingling in finger, arms, legs feet and toes
  • Constipation or diarrhea

Diabetic neuropathy is basically nerve disorders cause due to the abnormalities that are linked to diabetes like high level of blood glucose. Treatments involve correcting the levels of blood glucose to normal range. Regulating the blood glucose levels can help prevent or starting of future problems. Foot care is considered as essential part of neuropathic pain treatment. People suffering from neuropathic pain having diabetes should take very good care of their feet on a daily basis and check for injuries. If the injuries are left untreated it can lead to infection and foot sores.

Treatment for neuropathic pain in diabetic patients also includes medications for pain relief and other medications depending on the severity of nerve damage. Smoking too increases problems of foot or amputation.

Exercise can also help a lot in showing improvements in neuropathic pain especially in diabetic people.  People having diabetes should consult their doctor before they start with any exercise and once decided; making exercise part of daily routine can be helpful.

Look for exercises with low impact as such exercises are easily tolerated by most diabetic people. Exercises like aerobics, swimming, yoga, are ideal options. These exercises can help improve relaxation skills.

Try to avoid exercises of high impact as such exercises can have adverse impact on neuropathic pain. Exercise can really help in nerve pain and doing it consistently is helpful. Start slowly and then increase the time to half an hour, at least five times in a week. The key is to start slowly and increase the time gradually and be consistent.

In case of neuropathic pain, diabetic people should focus on keeping their sugar levels in control and follow the diet recommended by their doctor.

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