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Reasons for different types of Acute Pain

Pain is itself a symptom like rash or fever. Pain indicates that there is some problem in your body that needs treatment. There are two type of pain acute and chronic. Acute pain goes by itself or with little medication whereas the pain which stays for several months or years becomes chronic and needs proper treatment.

In this article we will focus on causes of acute arthritis pain. Acute arthritis pain is felt in joints and can be sharp, dull, tight feeling or burning and the causes of acute arthritis pain are

Inflammation caused in joint tissues like in psoriatic and rheumatoid arthritis

Depletion of lubricating fluid in your joints or cartilage, which results in rubbing of bones against each other with each and every movement(osteoarthritis)

Uric acid formation in the joint resulting in inflammation (gout)

Acute Arthritis pain ends in a short time. It can even be for a couple of seconds. This happens when an individual injures or burns himself. It is a problem that lasts for short term and later goes off. There are some causes which leads to symptoms related to inflammation. Let us look at some symptoms and then understand the causes

Inflammation leads to problems like arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and many more. The symptoms of inflammation are

  1. Joint pain
  2. Stiffness in joints
  3. Dysfunction of joints
  4. Redness
  5. Joint swelling

Some general symptoms are



Appetite loss

Muscle stiffness



Cause for the symptoms related to inflammation.

When inflammation causes, chemicals are released from our body to affected areas or blood. This release increases the flow of blood to the infected or injured area and it leads to warmth and redness. Some chemicals also result in fluid leak to our tissues which cause swelling. This process cause pain as it stimulates nerves.

The causes related to Acute joint pain are bone cancer, gout, hypothyroidism, lupus, lyme disease, bursitis, osteoarthritis, osteomyelitis, Leukemia, rickets, sarcoidosis, septic arthritis, tendinitis, reactive arthritis, pseudo gout, rickets, Paget’s disease(of bone), strains and sprains, dislocation, Adult’s still disease, vascular necrosis, complex regional pain syndrome, meralgia paresthetica.

Causes of Acute Gout

Alcohol can be one of the factors that lead to acute gout. Alcohol consumption causes dehydration and adds to symptoms of gout as alcohol effects metabolism and uric acid excretion from our kidneys leading to dehydration and precipitates the formation of crystals in our joints. Obesity, high blood pressure, abnormal functioning of kidney leads to gout.

Lifestyle factors that lead to acute gout are excessive alcohol consumption, eating foods with high-purine and other health or medical reasons that trigger gout are


Joint injury

Sever illness or surgery


Taking certain medication like cyclosporine

Fasting or crash diets

Sweet sodas


Eating large meals containing foods with high purines like shellfish and meats


Any type of acute pain should be immediately treated so that it doesn’t become chronic. Acute pain can be treated as it is short term but once it becomes chronic the treatment takes a long time.

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