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Alternative Therapies – Lupus and the Benefits of Fish Oil

When looking for ways to deal with ailments, many people are now looking for answers in alternative therapies. Lupus, however, seems like a condition that wouldn’t benefit much from the use of “home cures.” But this isn’t the case. Many people who suffer from this disease find that alternative remedies help to relieve their symptoms, and continue to lead active lives. And one of the alternative remedies that seem to be the most effective against lupus is fish oil.

When searching for ways to treat patients with autoimmune diseases, many doctors actually look for ways to make their patients more comfortable in alternative therapies. Lupus patients, it’s been found, can benefit greatly from the Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish. How? Well, one of lupus’s most problematic symptoms is inflammation. Inflammation of the joints can cause swelling and stiffness, making it hard for the patient to move around and perform normal, day to day activities. And inflammation around the heart and lungs can cause chest pains.

Fish oil can drastically reduce inflammation. It does this by reducing your body’s production of inflammatory biochemicals. The fewer of these biochemicals you have running through your body, the less pain and swelling you’ll have to contend with.

Try working more fish into your regular diet. And go for the fatty fish that contain more Omega-3 fatty acids. Fish like mackerel, salmon, tuna, herring, and anchovies are a great choice.

If you find working fishing into your diet difficult, or you just don’t like the way fish tastes, you can also take fish oil supplements. However, talk to your doctor first. While fish oil has no serious side effects, it can interfere with other medications, making them less potent and effective.

Many people shy away from the use of alternative therapies. Lupus patients, however, should definitely consider using fish oil to help alleviate their symptoms.

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