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Lupus Fibromyalgia – Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that one-fourth of those who are suffering from Systematic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) also have Fibromyalgia? Yes, you’ve read it right. Fibromyalgia, which is predicted to originate from Lupus activity, is coined as Lupus Fibromyalgia. How would you know if you are a Fibromyalgia patient with a Lupus activity in your body?

It is important that you know if your Fibromyalgia or FM instigated from Lupus since SLE can destroy other organs of your body like the lungs and the kidneys.

Here are some signs and symptoms of Lupus Fibromyalgia (or SLE FM):

• Extreme muscular pain – these pains are not just because of stress and fatigue. Sometimes, a gentle touch from a pal can be transmitted to your nervous system as an excruciating feeling, especially if it is your tender points that are touched. Tender points include your buttocks, lower back, hips and neck.
• Positive ANA test – ANA is present in people with Lupus. By extracting blood from your body, a simple blood screening can decipher if you are sick with Lupus. Of course , a request for such blood exam must come from a health professional like your doctor.
• Sleep disorders – If you are having a hard time getting a deep sleep at night, then this may not be insomnia but a part of the Fibromyalgia syndrome.
• Fatigue – If you have the weird feeling like your energy is already used up the moment you wake up in the morning, then this may not be ordinary stress.

If it is confirmed that you have Fibromyalgia that came from SLE, then here are a few tips you must do to aid in curing your sickness.

1 . Consult a doctor who is very much familiar with your condition. Sometimes, Lupus and Fibromyalgia possess the same signs. Also, a cure for Lupus may worsen one’s Fibromyalgia and vice versa. The doctor you should rely on must be an expert on this specific kind of Fibromyalgia. Ask for the recommendations of those who had their Fibromyalgia cured on which doctor to trust.

2 . Watch closely for the symptoms. Since these two illnesses have close relations with their indications, you must look for a distinction among these implications. In SLE FM, the sufferer really looks sick (thin body, yellowish skin) and suffers greatly from muscle pain while FM patients alone looks healthy on the outside but is actually sickly in the inside.

3. Do not take drugs without the doctor’s prescription. Not just because a medicine worked for a fellow Lupus Fibromyalgia sufferer, it will also work for you. Your case may be similar to is or her case but still, there are distinctions. If you think that the same drug can work for you, consult your doctor first. Remember, in curing an illness, it is always a joint activity of the patient and the doctor.

4. Strictly follow the recommended diet. If you don’t want the ache to be worse, then adhere to list of foods you should consume and stay away from eating the foods which may worsen your situation.

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