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The Use of Antidepressants for Eating Disorders


Weight is a very important factor that it could make or break the self-esteem of a person. For most people, their weight issues are sensitive topics that are often avoided. Issues regarding health may come from having too much or too little of something and this also rings true with problems in managing weight. Certain eating habits such as taking in too much or too little food might hinder a person from maintaining the ideal body weight. The risks of developing learning disability cause for a Zoloft lawsuit have raised doubts on the use of antidepressants in managing eating disorders.
Recovery rate from eating disorders is low and it is often seen in women, according to the South Carolina Department of Mental Health. Antidepressants that are often used for people with problems in eating are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) such as Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft. They may see themselves as inadequate and may either consume large amounts of food or starve themselves. Everytime they feel emotional, food would either become their point of comfort or distress.
People who have been taking SSRIs complain about loss of appetite and diarrhea. Loss of appetite happens to 11 percent of antidepressant users while 24 percent experience diarrhea. These were only some of the reports that Zoloft users have when they were using the drug. These two negative effects may not be beneficial for people with anorexia nervosa because it would further decrease their weight. These contradicting effects may prove to be a problem that most men and women face as they use the drug. For those who are not experiencing eating problems, losing some weight is like a blessing.
Although some individuals experience weight loss as they use Zoloft, others say that they felt the opposite. The reaction to antidepressants may differ from person to person and may cause some to gain weight instead. Some even say that they have a problem losing weight and may  consider quitting the medication rather than add more. SSRIs are still being studied to know more about their full effects. The use of Zoloft during pregnancy  has been linked to Zoloft birth defects.

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