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Various Symptoms of Lupus Disease

What is Lupus?

Basically Lupus is a mysterious disease. Often we overlooked this for it smaller signs and symptoms. Actually it is a chronic inflammatory which attacks our immune system. The main perspective of it is to attack our body tissues as well as organs. This inflammation can affect the various portion of our body, such as skin, joints, blood cells, kidneys, lungs and heart. Not only that this disease is fully understood the chance of surviving is not very good. But if once make a diagnosis and treated very carefully the disease, easily one can live a normal life. That’s why proper diagnosis is very important to indentify the problem.

The most important thing is that it is a very complicated chronic. Most of the symptoms of this disease can hit your body suddenly or they can do just the opposite and develop very slowly. These are very mild or extremely severe. If you develop the problem in your body and it is being treated you may still have the episodes that are referred to as flare ups where the symptoms will suddenly get worse, improve and then may totally disappear. Mainly the natural treatments are the only way for it.

What are the symptoms of chronic Lupus?

Basically lupus symptoms are depending on different part of the body in your immune systems. There are many symptoms that seem to be quite common with the disease. Generally the most common symptoms of lupus are fatigue, fever, and feeling tired and worn down. Not only that the fatigue can be as debilitating as the pain lupus can cause. Almost all over the world people are suffering from this condition like stiffness and swelling in their knees, fingers and other joints.

In fact Lupus can affect your whole mental condition and emotional state. It causes many things like memory loss, depression and anxiety. And this complication can happen in your daily life. It can make your life miserable. Apart from that, there are many symptoms which are very harmful for your body. These are

• Painful Swollen Joints, Muscle pain

• Unexplained fever

• Red rashes on the body, mainly on the face

• Chest pain on deep breathing

• Hair loss

• Dry eyes

• Sensitivity to the Sun

• Pale or purple fingers or toes

• Swelling in legs or around eyes

• Mouth Ulcers

• Swollen glands

• And extreme fatigue

If you are suffering from all these symptoms, don’t panic. Please do not neglect and do consult with your doctors. Know the proper treatment. It is still possible for those people who are suffering from lupus to enjoy a happy life.

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