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Why do I need a Pulse Ox?

Why do you need a pulse ox, also known as a pulse oximeter? A pulse oximeter measures your blood oxygen saturation level. Why is this important (in laymen terms)? The percentage of oxygen in your blood is directly associated with your and certain health conditions. Some common conditions include asthma, COPD, and sleep apnea.

Many individuals are very familiar with blood pressure monitors and thermometers, because they have over the years used them more and more, but a pulse ox is a device that only recently has come into the home. Pulse oximeters, in the past, were only accessible to hospitals and clinics. Their massive purchase costs did not allow for the average person to own one. Recently, Landon Medical, based out of Maryland, introduced finger pulse oximeters for the masses. Their pulse oximeters are readily available for everyone for starting at under $ 40.

So are you still asking yourself why do you need one? Well the answer is simple. Your status can easily be evaluated by simply knowing your blood oxygen saturation level. It is a parameter most people do not understand, because they have not been exposed to the information. In the past, mostly medical professionals were in known of the information and its importance.

Do you know how to accurately measure your pulse rate? Well most people use the old method of counting their pulse for 10 seconds and multiplying it by 6, but how accurate is that? Not that accurate at all actually. A pulse ox will give you your pulse rate reading within seconds and within a 1% accuracy level.

Landon Medical is the leader provider of today’s most popular pulse oximeters. They offer a wide range of products which range in price depending on their features, but their enter level pulse ox can be hand for under $ 40. High quality, low-cost models from manufacturers like Landon Medical and others can be found at

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