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Why should I become a nu skin distributor

How to Become A Nu Skin Distributor

Without A Nu Skin Distributor ID

When you go to above website, you need to find your country in the upper left corner. The List countries are:

You need wait a while and let the browser find your location and country. Then you can click “JOIN NOW” link.

If your country is not there, you need contact us and I will give you our sponsor Distributor ID for you to sign. If you are in USA, you can register directly here:

After you have clicked “Join NOW” link,  you can chose Become a Distributor.

After you have clicked “create distributor account”, you will get a form

Please complete the form correctly and click submit button.  You will become Nu Skin Distributor now. You need verify your email address, and maybe need a introduction  document package to become a nu skin distributor.

After you have become a Nu skin distributor as my down line (As deep as six level), please contact me . I will register a domain name for you and create a free wordpress based web hosting account for you. But you must check whether your domain is available here.

Nu Skin Is A Public Company with TOP Level Health Products

– Founded in 1984, Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE:NUS), is a direct selling company that distributes more than 200 premium-quality anti-aging products in both the personal care and nutritional supplements categories.

– Nu Skin operates in 53 international markets globally.

Nuskin’s quality anti-aging products have very good effects in pain relief. Especially Lifepak anti-aging products. The pain relief health products nuskin developed are: Bone Formula, Cartilage Formula, FlexCreme, OverDrive, CordyMax.

Nu Skin anti-aging products can also make you more beautiful and pretty. I take Y-Span every day and my leg pain go away. A lot of Nu skin Products can make you much stronger and improve your immune system. If you want to buy nu skin products, you do better become a nu skin distributor. You can become younger while you are earning money. Nu Skin distributor can get huge discount while they use the ADR system.

How to Buy Nu Skin Anti-Aging Products

1) go to nu skin website Nuskin Products Websites

2) click the country you want to go

3) create your own account. You have two choices:

1. Create customer account.

Please complete the form, in SPONSOR INFORMATION line.  If you use this nu skin Distributor ID, you will get 20% discount on every purchasing.

You will get extra 30% discount when you subscribe to ADR. You can also get some points when for you to order next time when you reorder.


How to become a Nu Skin Distributor

2. John Our Team. Become a distributor. THE URL is Here

Demonstration is above. Click Nu Skin Distributor Join Page

  1. Chose the Country you are in.
  2. Click Join Now in the Upper Right Corner,
  3. There are two choices: Individual and business entity distributions. The application for individual distribution requires a Social Security number.

You will have the chance to earn millions of dollars in the anti-aging industry.

You can also buy nu skin products  if you are a distributor. Nuskin products are the best anti-aging products using the gene technology. You will get extra 30% discount when you subscribe to ADR.


3. Why should you join Nu Skin team and become a nu skin Distributor ?

Please check the upper right link to find why you should join Nu skin distributor Group. Joining Nu Skin Distributor Network is free unless you buy something from Nuskin websites. But Joining Nu Skin will provides you an opportunity to create extra income and friendly earning money environment.

  1. Nu Skin is a well know company – It is a public company.  Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE:NUS), is a direct selling company which means they do not wholesale their products to end customers.  Nu Skin can sell more than 200 anti-aging products in both the personal care and nutritional supplements categories. Their anti-aging products can protect the human being from both inside and outside;
  2. Nu Skin operates in 52 countries. Their distributors are all around the world.
  3. Nu Skin, As an anti-aging leader, Have very good Anti-aging products – Nu Skin is in the development of cutting edge products to position itself as a leader in anti-aging. Their GENE technology is the most advanced in the whole anti-aging industry.
  4. Huge Marketing in Health and Beauty Industry –  Global cosmetics and toiletries market is currently worth $333 billion (USD) and  Global nutritional products category was estimated at $240 billion (USD). Total $500 billion marketing is in Health and beauty industry and it keeps growing.
  5. Nu Skin Pays – According to Nu skin finical report, they paid their distributors one billion already.
  6. Good Opportunities to move up – You can be in higher level position easily when you help your down line become greater.
  7. You can get your Job Opportunity easily here and will become leader soon.
  8. Family oriented environment as well as entrepreneurial. The company provides a lot of travel opportunities and even job insurance.
  9. Best opportunities, lots of training material, great compensation and rewards the Nu Skin company have a lot of training material, and provide its distributors great compensation, bonus and rewards.
  10. You can work at any time and anywhere

If you work hard, you will earn millions of dollars per year by joining Nu skin Distributor team while you are becoming young.

Following is some Nu Skin Distributor ID you can use as your Nu skin sponsor Distributor. If you are from US, you can chose US distributor ID as your upstream. If you are from UK, you can chose UK distributor ID as your upstream sponsoring Distributor ID and set up your groups in your country. Please contact me. If your Nu skin distributor ID is listed here. Please contact me to list your downstream Nu Skin Distributor ID here. You can also contact us to place your Distributor ID in our top ranked Facebook Pages.

4.  How to earn money after I have joined Nu Skin Distributor Network

There are lots of way to promote your Nu Skin Products. But it is out of date If you rely on family and friends to build your business.  You will   probably lose your friendship with other friends of family members but you can tell them when they really need the anti-aging products. If you focus on building your retail business and team using traditional direct response marketing you can build a sustainable business, easily. More and more advanced technologies will create you more and more leads.

  1. You can purchase all Nu skin products at wholesale prices and sell them at retail prices;
  2. You can also create income from sponsoring other people. The best way to do this is to try out some of the products yourself, see how it works and share your experience with a business owners or anyone who is interested in a healthy lifestyles. Have them sign up as a Nu Skin Distributor using your Nu Skin Distributor sponsor ID;
  3. You may get yourself a business card with your sponsoring ID on it. Vistaprint is a great way to get one started.
  4.  Your Distributor ID is already listed here and some Facebook and twitter pages, and some other high ranked webpages.  I will promote your distributor ID if you become executive distributor. Please let me know when you become a Nu skin Executive Distributor.
  5. Give nutrition and health lectures and help your potential downline distributors;
  6. Set up your own websites to build up your downline distributor and customer network.
  7. I will set up a free website for you if you if you ask me to do it, please use the contact form of this website to contact us. I can set up you an website with your distributor ID and you can post content yourself.  What I can also do is that I can promote your websites freely.
  8. Set up your downline facebook, skype,  G+, Youtube,  instagram,  twitter, linkedin, or any other community website to promote Nu Skin products.
  9. Earn Money from your downline distributor network up to six level of downline Group Sale Volume.

Nu Skin is a good opportunity but the problem that people often have is that they rely on old methods of building the business that do not work well these days. If you rely on family and friends to build your business you will run out of people to talk to and probably alienate your circle of influence in the process. If you focus on building your retail business and team using traditional direct response marketing you can build a sustainable business, easily. Sources of lead gen that work well for my team are using classified ads, Facebook ads + pixels and blogging to traffic to an auto-res-ponder to communicate with interested leads.


Click following picture to Work as Nu skin Distributor Now

6. What Products I can sell as a Nu skin Distributor

You can sell upto 200 high quality nu skin anti-aging products, the categories include Epoch® Essential Oils, ageLOC Me, ageLOC ®, Spa Systems, Tru Face® Targeted Treatments, Nu Skin 180®, Nutricentials®, Tri-Phasic White®, Clear Action, Peels, Masks & Scrubs, Moisturizers, Body Care, Hair care, Epoch®, Men’s Care, Oral Care, Sun Protection, Cosmetics, ageLOC® Youth, TR90® Weight Management, ageLOC® R2, ageLOC® Vitality, LifePak® Family, g3®, Cell Protection, Energy & Stamina, Heart Health, Immune Support, Mood Support, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Bone and Joint, Memory, Specialized Needs, Digestive Health, Nourish the Children – Donate Vitameal®, VitaMeal® for Consumption, Nu Skin Logo Gear, Beauty Boxes

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