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Joint Pain Stiffness and Inflammation Treatment – What is the Best Method?

Joint pain and stiffness are usually the result of a form of arthritis. Stiffness occurs after a period of physical inactivity and it actually refers to the inability to move the joint properly. In the great majority of the cases when pain in the joint is accompanied by stiffness, it means that an inflammation is causing them both. In patients with osteoarthritis, joint stiffness occurs in the morning and usually lasts for about half an hour. In other forms of arthritis, like rheumatoid arthritis or gout, the pain and the stiffness lasts longer. Joint pain and stiffness can also be caused by injuries, tendonitis, bursitis strains and sprains and infectious diseases like mumps, rubella, measles or hepatitis.

Heat and cold treatment, gentle exercise and synthetic drugs like NSAIDs or steroids are usually prescribed for joint pain and stiffness. Patients also find relief in supplements like glucosamine or condroitine sulfate which help rebuild the affected tissue. Vitamins B and C and minerals are also important for maintaining a good health of the joints. Herbal supplements and essential oils are also recommended in case of joint pain and stiffness because some herbs have impressive anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Rumatone Gold oil for instance, provides quick relief from the pain, reduces stiffness and improves the sufferer’s ability to move. It is absorbed fast by the body and diminishes the inflammation of the joint. Not only the oil, but also Rumatone Gold capsules are effective in joint pain and stiffness. Ginger extract, if taken daily, inhibits the release of certain substances that promote inflammation. If inflammation if kept under control, it means that the incidence of pain and stiffness will be lowered.

Clinical studies have reported that ginger extract produces no side effects, even if it is taken for years. Boswelia extract has amazing anti-inflammatory properties, reduces the pain and the swelling and it is also effective in eliminating morning stiffness in patients suffering of osteoarthritis. Besides herbal supplements, essential oils, especially those renowned for their pain killing properties, like lavender or rosemary, are doing a great job in diminishing joint pain and stiffness.

Patients suffering of conditions that lead to pain in the joint or stiffness need to have a healthy diet and to make sure that they consume an adequate quantity of minerals and nutrients. The health of the cartilages and joints directly depend on the mineral and vitamin intake. This is why Epson salt is also recommended. Taking hot baths whit Epson salt will help the body absorb the magnesium in the salt and will improve the condition of your joints. Around 2 cups of salt are needed for a bathtub.

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