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Pain Clinics And Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a common type of arthritis which causes joint pain, discomfort and outright aggravation for those who suffer from it. As there is no specific cure for osteoarthritis, pain management is the next best thing for those who have been diagnosed with this medical condition. Pain clinics in Florida see patients quite frequently come through their doors with this type of medical condition as a pain clinic in Florida is the best place to go for osteoarthritis pain management. Here are some treatment methods which doctors at pain clinics in Florida use to treat osteoarthritis sufferers:

Corticosteroid Injections Help to Relieve Pain in Many Patients

Corticosteroid injections, or cortisone shots as they are commonly known, provide relief for many patients who suffer from osteoarthritis. Doctors at your local pain clinic in Florida can administer these injections so long as you are receptive to them and it is safe for you to take cortisone shots. The relief provided by such injections is highly appreciated by individuals who have osteoarthritis and have a hard time shaking the pain.

Medications May Also Provide Relief for Sufferers of Osteoarthritis

The doctor at your Florida pain clinic may also recommend certain medications to treat the symptoms of your osteoarthritis. Some of the medications which may be recommended include acetaminophen, NSAIDs, Tramadol and/or prescription painkillers, depending on your tolerance for each individual medication and your need for such medicines to get you back to the pain-free living which you crave.

Physical Therapy Sessions

In addition to the treatment methods listed above, physical therapy sessions may be prescribed as well. Physical therapy will help to work out your joints and make your body movements as pain-free as possible. Physical therapy sessions will focus on the areas of discomfort and allow the joints to move more easily even with a diagnosis of osteoarthritis.

Taking advantage of pain clinics in Florida will help you to deal with your osteoarthritis and gain better freedom of movement.


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