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The Antidepressants Aid Depressed Parkinson’s Patients!

A recent study has been conducted and shown positive findings that an antidepressant medication is very much beneficial for the treatment of depression among people with Parkinson’s disease without making the consequences of the disease. The scientists and researchers have used two regular kinds of antidepressant medicines in their research study. What they have found is that both are improved and beneficial for depression treatment.

There has been a persistent doubt that antidepressant may create the indications of Parkinson’s disease eviler, but this study help researcher to overcome this issue and removes the shadow from the fear clouds.

Researcher Irene Hegeman Richard, who is the MD, and associated professor of neurology and psychiatry at the university of Rochester Medical Center, said in his statement that we have reached at this point that a very well effective and successful treatment for depression in Parkinson’s patients is now discovered. She further added that depression is a sort of thing that has the very severe impact on the overall qualities a sort of thing that has a very severe impact on the overall quality of person’s life. There are about fifty percent of patients affected by the depression diseases.

There are around more than million people in United States, who have been suffered from mental disorder, as per the figures given by the National Parkinson’s Foundation. This mental or brain disorder leads to the tremors, and many other consequences or symptoms like a patient facing difficulty with waling, coordinating, movements, and shaking, etc. This study about depression treatment was published in the Neurology journal. This journal was founded by the National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Neurological Disorders, and Stroke along with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in United States of America. This study has received many appreciations from many medical experts from all around the world.


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