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What Are the Causes of Osteoarthritis

The causes of osteoarthritis include previous injury to the joint, obesity as well as aging. There is only one cause of this disease that you can do anything about and that is obesity. Many people who are overweight will develop knee osteoarthritis as a symptom. This is because the excessive weight puts a strain on the cartilage in the knee and causes it to deteriorate.

Osteoarthritis is a condition that affects the joints of the body. This includes the knees, the fingers, the spine and the elbows and shoulders. Most people who suffer from osteoarthritis do so in their knees, back and fingers. It is a condition that causes the cartilage that surrounds the joint to weaken. The joint becomes inflamed and results in great pain.

Anyone who has played sports will often experience knee osteoarthritis as this is one of the common causes of arthritis among athletes. While osteoarthritis is more predominant in women over the age of 50, if it presents early, it is most likely going to be found in a man. Many men who played sports as youths suffered injuries to their knees and joints. These injuries, over time, cause the cartilage to wear down and cause the condition of osteoarthritis.

When this condition is found in a younger person who is healthy and fit, and is located in a joint that can be replaced, such as the knee, knee replacement surgery is often recommended. When osteoarthritis strikes, it will continue to get worse for the person who suffers from the condition. A younger person may find themselves disabled by the condition by the time they are 50 if they do not get help. This is why knee replacement surgery is often performed on younger patients.

Being overweight is one of the main causes of osteoarthritis. Patients who are overweight will also discover that the excessive strain on their knees from their weight is causing osteoarthritis in the knees. They are often advised to lose weight. This can be difficult as exercise may be painful in such a condition. But losing weight can alleviate the pain symptoms of this condition.

Aging is something that no one can help. Most of the people who suffer from osteoarthritis are women over the age of 50. Like osteoporosis, it is believed that a healthy, balanced diet and supplements can help stave off this condition. Many women who suffer from osteoarthritis have a lack of Vitamin D in their diet. Women should make sure that they take vitamins and eat properly so that they can avoid having this painful condition as they get older. Unlike osteoporosis, that causes brittle bones, osteoarthritis affects the joints.

Cold weather exposure is also linked to osteoarthritis. Those who worked in situations where they experienced sudden changes in temperature to their hands or other body parts may be more affected. For example, if they worked in an area that was cold and stuck their hands in warm water to get the warm, they may be more inclined to develop osteoarthritis of the finger joints.

Treatment options depend upon the causes of osteoarthritis. Obviously, if someone is overweight, they will want to lose weight so that they can treat their condition. You may be able to avoid this condition by taking health supplements, eating right and maintaining an ideal body weight.

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