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The history of bayer Aspirin

When you buy Aspirin, you may have asked yourself exactly how this medicine came about. You remember that your mother used to give you this medication for your fever or for your headaches. Now you are still taking the medication for your aches and pains. It is also recommended for the prevention of heart attack and heart stroke. Do you know the story behind this wonder drug?

In ancient Greece, records show that the Greek doctor Hippocrates used the willow bark to eliminate fever. The bark contained a substance akin to Aspirin. This was called salicin analogous to acetylsalicylic acid the primary stuff found in Aspirin today. As people buy Aspirin, a lot of them have wondered who really created the medication. This medicine was created through the efforts of many inventors. In 1832, a German chemist made some tests on salicin and came up with salicylic acid. In 1897 German chemist Felix Hoffman who worked for Bayer Company was looking for a remedy to treat his father’s arthritic pain. In his search, Hoffman was able to come up with the first Aspirin and made available in powder form.  In 1899, Bayer Company offered the medicine to doctors who in turn recommended it to their patients.

In 1915 Aspirin was made available in the form of a tablet and was sold without any prescription. Patients in the 1920s began to buy Aspirin as a treatment for their discomfort due to rheumatism, lumbago and neuralgia. Dr. Lawrence Craven from California found out in 1948 that patients he ordered to take Aspirin did not suffer from any heart ailments. Thus the phrase “an aspirin a day” was used every time he recommended the medication. The first chewable Aspirin for kids was launched in 1952.  When US astronauts went to the moon for the first time, Bayer Aspirin was a part of the historical event.

Further research was done on the medication in the 70s. Scientists found out that it prevented the production of prostaglandins that was responsible for the swelling experienced by your body after an injury. A clear coating called Toleraid was added to the medicine in 1984. This coat made possible for the tablets to be easily ingested by patients. Food and Drug Administration approved the use of aspirin as a treatment for heart attack and potential heart attack.

Over the years people continue to buy Aspirin as an anti-hypertensive medication. As the years progressed more and more medications were also developed and slowly the popularity of Aspirin began to wane. However, it became prominent once again when doctors found it a truly beneficial treatment for heart attacks and strokes. And studies also show that Aspirin protects you against colon cancer, gallstones, and cataracts.

Bayer Aspirin continues to be the leading medicine for fever, headaches, pain due to arthritis, toothache, strained muscles and menstrual cramps. Continue to buy Aspirin for its life saving benefits and continue to talk to your doctor for proper dosage, updates and consultation regarding the medicine.

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