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What Types of Osteoarthritis Treatment Are Available?

When it comes to Osteoarthritis treatment, there are a few options, most of which depend upon the joint affected as well as the cause of the disease. For example, if someone is suffering from Osteoarthritis in the knees, chances are it could be because they are overweight. If this is the case, losing weight can make a tremendous impact in relieving the symptoms associated with this disease.


Rest is often prescribed for osteoarthritis treatment. Most doctors will encourage patients who present with osteoarthritis symptoms to rest their joints to eliminate swelling and the pain that it produces. Some doctors will suggest acetaminophen, the ingredient in Tylenol, or aspirin for the pain. In some cases, medications in the NSAIDS group will be prescribed to treat the osteoarthritis. However, this is not always desirable as they can have many side effects including those that affect the digestive system. Some doctors will prescribe muscle relaxants or even pain medication for cases where there is severe pain. Most doctors prefer not to prescribe anti-inflammatory medications for osteoarthritis treatment if they do not have to because of the side effects.

Judicious Exercise

Exercise is also beneficial to patients who show symptoms of osteoarthritis, however extreme care must be taken not to cause further injury to the knee. High impact exercise is not desirable because it can cause more pain. Exercise does not actually make the condition worse and can in fact relieve some of the swelling in the joints. Swimming is considered to be the best exercise for osteoarthritis.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet that is filled with nutrients found in fruits and vegetables is also desirable for those who want to treat osteoarthritis. By eating a healthy diet and trying to get some exercise, a person with this condition can succeed in losing weight and may be able to help themselves eliminate some of the painful symptoms of this condition.

Paraffin Wax

Other treatment includes keeping the joint warm. Paraffin wax is often a very effective treatment for those who are suffering from this condition in their hands or feet. You can get a paraffin wax treatment in a salon that offers this type of service. It can make a big difference for anyone who suffers from osteoarthritis in the joints of the fingers or toes.

Those who suffer from this condition in the spine will often complain of lower back pain. Some treatments that may help with this are those that can alleviate pressure on the spine such as a firm mattress, a lumbar corset or even a neck collar – if the pain is in the upper back.

When you are seeking treatment for osteoarthritis, the more you strive towards natural treatment instead of medications or drugs, the better off you are. If your osteoarthritis is due to being overweight, you will be not only alleviating the pain from the condition by losing weight, but you will also be helping your overall health.

In some cases, such as the case where there is a knee injury that results in osteoarthritis, the knee cartilage can be replaced. This is a surgery that is usually performed on younger people who may have become disabled by the condition. In most cases, rest, over the counter medication and keeping the joints warm are the ideal treatments recommended by doctors for osteoarthritis.

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