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Epilepsy – Condition affecting your Nervous system

The nervous system and brain is most crucial system which controls all other parts of your body. Disease or any malfunctioning in this system might affect your brain and spinal cord. Epilepsy is basically a condition affecting the main area of your body that is your central nervous system. This area of body includes your brain and spinal cord and it has different important responsibilities to perform. It also works to control the emotional responses of individual to stimuli, and it controls various thoughts experienced by people, it helps to retain information, and it even works to permit us to function regularly and normally.

The nervous system helps to allow your brain to communicate perfectly with different organs of your body. It is done with electrical signals. For people who experience epilepsy they experience imbalanced electrical signals.

How epilepsy happens?

When a person experiences an attack because of epilepsy, there are various situations which happen within your brain. The brain cells known as neurons are situated in brain area of known as cerebrum that start creating levels of electricity which are regarded to be quite abnormal.

Consequently, the brain begins to experience malfunctioning that results in an inability to process the electrical signals from different organs of your body that are regarded to be really normal. This activity of abnormal electrical might be experienced in complete brain or it might also be experienced in part or small section of your brain. If your entire brain gets involved, it is referred as the generalized attack. If just a part or small section of your brain is affected, it is regarded as a partial attack.

Symptoms of Epilepsy

Epilepsy has various symptoms that are experienced because of electrical activity in your brain. When it is about visible symptoms, attacks are just apparent sign of the epilepsy. However, it is significant to understand the fact that epilepsy has different and personal experience for every person who experiences it.

Several people might experience attacks which last for few minutes on the other hand some people may also experience attacks which last for just few seconds. Moreover, there are some people that lose consciousness because of attacks and others which go blank for few seconds and they might just observe loss of time. Some different symptoms of epilepsy that are caused by brain consist of below mentioned:

  • Several people experience firm spasms of muscle and may also lose control of body.
  • Few people might also experience severe headaches.
  • Many people also suffer from nausea which may or may not get accompanied with vomiting.
  • Many people who are suffering from epilepsy may also become unresponsive to the situations and to the people around them.

Though epilepsy can occur at any point of time, however many cases of epilepsy are diagnosed during childhood, and most of them in first year – about 140 babies out of 100,000 babies below the age of 1 year are identified with epilepsy each year. This decreases to 40 adults out of every 100,000. Recent reports depict that epilepsy is also quite common among older people.

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