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Knowing about the reasons for severe back pain

Severe back pain can occur because of various reasons. Even daily life style is responsible for unwanted back pain problems. To avoid back pain of course we cannot give up our work isn’t?  Because of tough competition we all are making our daily lives hectic to meet the targets. For a healthy back we need to make sure that we plan our routine in such a manner that our daily life doesn’t become hectic.

There are many reasons directly responsible and some are indirectly responsible for leading to severe back pain. For instance, working on computers for long hours wherein we are sitting in a particular position with incorrect posture that causes sudden back pain. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to trace out the exact reason for sudden back pain. You may experience pain when you are lifting something too heavy and might not be aware of it. Similarly missing on regular exercise routine for weeks together or even several months can be another reason. In most cases it is because of wrong posture. No matter what the reason is, you need to determine and correct it.

There are two types of pain, acute and chronic, acute pain lasts for short period while chronic continues for a long term. Acute pain may occur as a result of accident, sports injury, stress on tissues and spinal bones. Spasms, muscle ache, inability to stand straight or move, pain travelling from one part of your body to another because of injury anywhere in your body is indications for pain in lower back because of trauma.

Chronic pain occurs when you are stressed out, in habit of smoking, bad posture or due to bad health. Strain on ligament or muscles caused due to lifting heavy things, can cause back pain. Arthritis can also lead to lower back and skeletal irregularities can also cause back pain. Osteoporosis also contributes to severe back pain.

Some not so common causes of back pain are rheumatoid arthritis, bone disorder, infections, tumors, cancer that involves spine, spine curvatures, muscle tear or strain, tear or strain of ligaments, kidney stones or infections, pregnancy related problems, uterine fibroids, ovarian cancer, ovarian cysts, endometriosis etc.,

Some of the common causes also include

Age- older adults are prone to severe back pain as compared to teens and young children





Strenuous exercise or work

Stressful job

Gender- females suffer from low back pain more than males do

Unhealthy lifestyle

Awkward or abrupt movement

Ruptured disks

Bulging disk

Sleep disorders

Bad mattresses

Some activities that lead to sever back pain are

Lifting something

Bending awkwardly


Standing for long durations

Sitting in the same position for long hours like while driving



Bending down for prolonged period

Carrying something

There can be medical as well as basic reasons for severe back pain. We need to be careful before we engage in strenuous activities so that we can avoid the damage caused to our back. Our back supports our movements etc so we need to take extra care.

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